Chord & Discord: Music-Themed Stories by the Walnut Creek Writers GuildWe have published our second anthology, titled Chord & Discord, which is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also read excerpts by clicking on the story titles below.

We’re excited to announce that our first scheduled reading will be at the Dublin Barnes & Noble on Saturday, March 18, beginning at 2:00 p.m. There will be live music at the event, so don’t miss it.

To access the Dublin B&N site you can click here. The flyer for this event is posted on our events page. Please join us! The location and phone are:

Hacienda Crossings
4972 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568

Thanks for visiting our site, and let us know what you think.



          Amanuensis                       Coda                    A Comrade Moves Along



    The Elusive Melody             Francie the Uke             Don’t Stand So Close



          Journey                         Fairy Music             Flight of the Bumblebee



    A Nickel for a Smile                 Play Me                 A Night Manager’s Tale



          Old Smoky               Sentimental Journey        Thawing the Heart


rock-concerts-for-ws                    susans-superhero-for-ws-2

When Are We Too Old for Rock Concerts?                     Susan’s Superhero


WCWG Logo_WithBooks

Thank you and Happy Reading!images


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