Author bios

Sandy Shaller

Sandy for new site_treatedThere is a rumor that Sandy is a fictional character written by his wife Rickie. Sandy does not dispute this. He also says that, therefore, Rickie is responsible for whatever he does!

So far Rickie has written Sandy as a husband, teacher, teacher-principal, Daddy, Grand-Daddy, audio book recorder and writer. Sandy would like Rickie to write him as a New York Yankee superstar, a concert pianist, a recording artist and a hero in a Star Wars movie, but Rickie says fictional characters only stretch so far.

As to Sandy’s stories: if you like one, he thought of it himself. If you don’t, Rickie made him write it that way.

Carol Stefan

Carol_IMG_0133_1024_treatedCarol is a transplant from the East Coast, but her “home town” is New York City.

Carol’s professional background includes teaching, paralegal work, systems analysis, technical writing and copyrighting. Her favorite pastimes are touring Europe and South America, walking, reading, crocheting, and going to the theater. She recently began volunteer work for the local Diablo Ballet organization.

Carol has three daughters who have remained on the East Coast, but she and her husband made the move out here when he tired of snow and shoveling.

You can read some of Carol’s work at

Andrew Harrison

IMG_0197 Andrew, treated 2Andrew’s forebears dealt in moonshine. And tobacco, coal, and steel. Who knows what else.

He himself is a leader in gross domestic ink consumption—preferably the non-toxic, waterproof, archival quality stuff you only find in art supply stores. Sure, there are cheaper pens out there, but (as the old Mitch Hedberg joke goes) he got tired of losing them and not caring. He isn’t paid for this high achievement, often mentioning that he should have gone into petroleum.

When he isn’t working in the city, or watching for frogs in the local creek, you’ll find him at the nearest cafe scribbling away.

Catherine Hensiek

Hensiek FullSizeRender_treatedTravel is my passion and inspiration for both fiction and non-fiction pieces. During trips to Europe and here in the states I keep a detailed journal and I mine that later for themes and settings for stories. My NaNoWriMo mystery novel is partly set in Paris. This year I am using material from visits to Venice and Lyon for short stories.

Besides writing I also create visual art. My favorite techniques include acrylic painting, mixed media, collage and watercolor. The beautiful scenery of our golden state inspires much of my work.

Some of my travel writing is posted here:

Denise Desalernos

denise-desalernos-treatedDenise is a second generation California native who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has written dozens of short stories and is working on her first novel length work. A former baker and restaurant manager, she opened and ran a highly successful retail bakery in the East Bay. For the tenth anniversary of the business, she published the Walnut Creek Baking Company Cookbook, a collection of recipes and sumptuous photographs.

An avid lover of nature and animals, she volunteers at local schools with her dog Carmen, helping children learn to read. When she’s not writing, reading, or painting, you can find her outdoors hiking the East Bay hills with her dogs, or backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Jonathan Sol0rio
Bio & pic-stay tuned.

Kathy Oldham

Kathy pic 20150118_113942 (2)_treatedKathy Oldham is the author of the Tom Davies Trio (2015), a non-fiction story of a British motorcycling vaudeville troupe. She has also been published in Irises, a national horticulture magazine, and the Walnut Creek Writers Guild anthologies.

She studied fashion history and design in Paris before moving to England. After many years living in the London area, her family relocated to the Bay Area. The wanderlust never dies and Europe often beckons.

Michele Magar

Michele remembers the first day she learned to read.  She knew right then she’d never need adults to entertain her again.  After spending much of her childhood curled up with a book, she wandered into the Pacifica National News Bureau to volunteer and never looked back.  From there she got a paying job at National Public Radio, and after 14 years of award-winning muckraking on civil rights and poverty for NPR and print outlets, she made the mistake of graduating from Stanford Law School in 1995.

A former staff attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid and Disability Rights California,  Michele uses both law and journalism to advance the rights of people with disabilities, and to fight discrimination on behalf of all protected classes, especially in housing.  She has written more than a hundred articles, manuals, and radio documentaries on civil rights.

She joined the WCWG in the hope that her new friends’ fiction-writing talent might rub off on her.

Norma Armon

Norma, colorful bckgrd_treated bisI left Mexico after my divorce and came to the Great White North, chasing the American Dream.  I settled in Hollywood because Spanish International Network hired me to produce a three hour Johnny Carson type show. Ours was the first live television show in Spanish produced live in L.A. After three years with what became the Flagship Station of the SIN Network (now the giant Univision), I left to form my own production company doing specials for ABC, CBS and SIN. After the L.A. Olympics, I moved to Oakland to work with my daughter in our Multilanguage Communications Agency, where we’ve been producing translations and localization of print materials, video, websites and interpreting for Fortune 500 companies for over 33 years. Sooner than later, I expect to delegate my many hats in International Contact, Inc. Then, I intend dedicate myself full time to becoming better at fiction writing, gardening, activism for a better world and taking good care of myself. The WCWG is an integral part of that plan.

Webb Johnson
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Vesta Clare


Sometimes called Vespa because she always seems to be in motion, Vesta’s traveled through photography and singing on her way to the most difficult craft of all: writing.

In between word hunts and being struck by great story ideas when there’s nothing to write with, she still tries to find time for singing and photography. Major visual influences include Rene Magritte. Writing influences include Maile Meloy, Andrei Makine, Vendela Vida.

Vesta is on sabbatical from the guild, catching up with work that was set aside in order to focus on the recently released WCWG music-themed anthology, but you can also find her at or on Twitter @VestaClare